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How can IEE benefit you?

IEE can directly benefit companies interested in pursuing or maintaining state contracts. IEE is recognized by the State of Kansas as a Certified Business. We are one of only two companies recognized as a Certified Business in the entire State. This allows us to further benefit partnering companies by providing bidding advantages and incentives should that company pursue any state contracts.

This is referred to as The Bidder Preference Program - House Bill 2675.

When a Certified Business commits to hiring persons with disabilities, this preference helps support that Certified Business by encouraging sales to other private sector businesses interested in bidding on Kansas contracts.  This relationship gives the partnering company a bidder preference up to 10% of the original bid. Therefore, if the partnering company submits a bid that is within 10% of the lowest bid submitted then the partnering company automatically wins the bid due to the 10% preference.


What makes IEE a Certified Business?

IEE is a Kansas-based company and employs at least 20% of its employees who are individuals with disabilities (KSA 75-3740).

IEE’s vision is twofold.  IEE strives to provide work opportunities for people who have any type of disability and to have them work with other people who are not disabled. Additionally, IEE strives to provide employment for people who have fought unemployment due to a deprivation in personal resources (transportation, child-care, etc.) and are therefore reliant upon government subsidies. With income earning opportunities these groups can decrease their reliance upon government subsidies and experience a better quality of life. Work is healthy!


Logistically, IEE operates three production plants in the Ottawa, Osage City, and Burlington, KS areas - 

with close proximity to major interstates and railway inter-modals. 


IEE can be a game-changing asset for the right company. With our proximity to I35, physical resources, and affordable labor force IEE is a resource ready to be utilized.

For more information on the Bidder Preference Program

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