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IEE Packaging

Project Lydia Packaging
Passenger Masks
Passenger Masks
Tool Packaging
Fastenal Packaging
IEE Packaging
KGP Packaging
  • Packaging and heat shrinking for Project Lydia

  • Clean, label, and package vent hoods for Charloma Plastics, Inc - Burlington, KS

  • Package CPAP tubing wrap for Life Source Medical - Lenexa, KS

  • Sort shipping boxes for Walmart Distribution Center - Ottawa, KS

  • Kit and package misc. advertising items for Stouse, Inc. - New Century, KS

  • Label and palatalize plastic totes for Orbis Plastics - Osage City, KS

  • Kit and package small tooling and fixtures for Fastenal, CO. - Ottawa, KS 

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