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About IEE

New Company: Integrated Employment Enterprises

Integrated Employment Enterprises (IEE) is a new Company that has been formed by COF

Training Services, which is a Community Service Provider (CSP) for individuals with disabilities.

IEE is a not-for-profit business with 501(c) (3) tax status.

For more than 40 years COF Training Services provided a Sheltered workshop setting to the

individuals that it served.

A sheltered workshop is a work setting in which all employees must have a diagnosed disability

in order to qualify for employment there. Unfortunately, sheltered workshops have the

unintended effect of isolating people who are disabled from people who are not disabled.

Additionally, a recent plethora of Federal Rules and Federal Laws and Federal Judicial actions

have been implemented to ensure that people with disabilities are not being inadvertently

segregated in sheltered workshops or other types of settings that are funded by Medicaid.

The need to form IEE is twofold – the need to socially integrate people with disabilities and the

need to increase the sustainability of Medicaid funding.

IEE’s vision is to provide employment opportunities for people who have any type of disability

and any other people who are not disabled but who, like most people with disabilities, are reliant

upon government subsidies in various forms.

IEE looks to identify the “why” when people are chronically unemployed or underemployed.

Resource deprivation is a dominant factor. Therefore, transportation services and customized

work schedules are made available to all IEE employees.

By providing these resources to our employees, IEE is able to “capture” this previously

unavailable labor force and pass on the cost-saving to the partnering company requesting IEE


IEE exists to find and to facilitate a wide variety of income-earning opportunities that have

historically been very difficult to access by people with limited resources. IEE provides cost-

reducing staffing services and sub-contracting services.

IEE specializes in light manufacturing work and in providing staffing for general labor purposes.

IEE can perform light manufacturing jobs that have been subcontracted from or outsourced from

regional manufacturers in its production facilities in Ottawa, Osage City, and Burlington, Kansas.

Additionally, IEE can provide labor services at manufacturer's facilities on a full-time or as need

basis to help meet fluctuating production demands in a cost-effective way.

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