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"Best Friends" introduces our new line of litter products.  

Now we know there are lots of litter products available, but we have designed to increase your sales revenue,

and give your customers better value.

How did we do this?  First we packaged our one-step bagging scoop together with our "Erase" deodorizer and two sets of collection bags, in a designer "Litter Box Kit" that improves the perceived value and results in a bigger sale.

Our litter scoops and tray have angled lips to direct litter back into the scoop or the tray instead of the floor.  No other company offers this advantage.  

Better value.

The “Best Friends” bagging scoop provides a one-step solution to litter box clean up.

Place the bag over the handle and scoop directly into the bag. Also works great in your yard as

a dog pick up scoop.

All "Best Friends" come with hang tags instead of labels to enhance shelf presence

All of our products are made in the USA with help of employees with disabilities.  

For Product Overview

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Please review our products and give us a call for pricing.  Thank you for considering our product line.


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